What else we offer

Work with European-based translators
who know your industry inside out


Food & wine

From a recipe to a product description, we’ll assign you a professional food and wine translator in your chosen European language pair to flavour up your words and entice the palette.

Catering & restaurants

Make sure the food on your menus sound as delectable in English, German or French as they do in Spanish, Portuguese or Polish.

Sporting events

Attract visitors to your international sporting events and competitions. We’ll connect you with an expert sports translator who can breathe life into your marketing materials and bump up the guest list.

Entertainment events

Whether it’s a concert, show or filming event you want to promote, let Getaway Translations make your materials sound magnetic to readers. We’ll soon drum up visitors.

Business events

Inviting guests from all over Europe to your trade shows, congresses and private corporate events is the easy part. Convincing them to attend is the difficult part. Our business translators can help you with that.


In addition to translation, Getaway Translations offers:


While launching your product in a new market can be challenging, your audience needs to feel like this product and your marketing materials were made for them. Our European localisation experts can help you achieve just that so that you can finally globalise your business.

Bilingual/monolingual proofreading

Uphold your company’s credibility by letting our trained proofreaders tidy up your documents and certify they align with the source texts. We’ll draw out any translation, formatting and terminology errors so that it sounds professional and appealing to your customers.

and editing

Ensure your recently updated translated document sounds flawless in French, Spanish, German – or whatever European language you need. We’ll compare the original translation with the updated source text to make sure it reads smoothly and matches your style requirements.