GETAWAY TRANSLATIONS: Your partner for tourism & travel translation

GETAWAY TRANSLATIONS is a dynamic international team of specialist translators in travel & tourism, hospitality, catering, leisure activities, sporting events and entertainment.

What would you look for in a specialist translation service for the travel industry?

  • professional translators with a thorough knowledge and command of the language and style specific to your core business
  • translations that are in tune with the linguistic and cultural standards of your target market
  • a service provider who acts as a single point of contact for your multilingual projects to handle all communications with your target language professionals
  • a supplier who guarantees long-term continuity and consistency of service
  • a quality service at a reasonable price

GETAWAY TRANSLATIONS gives you all these things:

  • our team of translators are hand-picked for their extensive experience and skill in travel & tourism and related sectors
  • we use only translators who are native speakers of the target language, because that’s the only way to guarantee your copy and publications are conveyed accurately and adapted to the linguistic and cultural norms of the target market
  • we undertake translations in any combination of European languages and guarantee to provide an all-round service and support, from identifying your requirements to final delivery
  • we use the latest IT solutions, including translation memories, to ensure all your projects are completed to a consistently high quality over time, but we never use machine translation technology which can compromise the quality of the translation
  • we offer a quality service at a reasonable price, which means we can satisfy your requirements and pay our specialist translators a fair rate, because they’re the ones who bring your project to life.

What more could you want?
Send us your international communication project. We can help!


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